Nationals Recap

posted Aug 19, 2010, 5:16 PM by Unknown user
Maverick attended our first Nationals in Sherbrooke August 12-15, 2010. Coming in as the 7th seed, we were confident of improving on that coming off a win at Motown Throwdown.

Day 1:
We won our first two games of the tournament, against Sirloin and Q. The last game of the day was against General Strike, and provided our first real test of the week. In front of a big crowd (a lot of them cheering for us) we played a tight game, but ultimately lost by one point.

Day 2:
With a 1-1 record going to power pools, we needed at least one win to get into the quarter-finals on Saturday. We comfortably won our first game of the day against Tommy Douglas Dream Machine. Next up was Grand Trunk, who we've played four times previously this season. It was a back-and-forth game, but we lost on universe point. A bit dejected, we took on Phoenix and played a tight game with them, losing by two points. Unfortunately we went 1-2 that day, but made it into the quarter-finals.

Day 3:
Due to our 2-3 record, we drew defending champions Mephisto in the quarter-finals. We played a great game, and took half 8-7. We were very close to scoring the first point after half, which would have been a huge boost for us. As it was, Mephisto came back to win 13-11. Next we had Red Circus, who had lost to Phoenix in quarters. Our O-line played a great game, only getting broken once. Our D-line got us the breaks we needed, and we won 13-12. Our last game was a rematch against GT. Still bitter from the loss the day before, we came out gunning for these guys and won 14-10 in a physical game.

Overall, we lost four games, but by a total of only 6 points. We showed some established teams that we're not a team to be taken lightly, and next year we'll be looking to improve on this showing and get into the semi-finals.