Introducing The Academy, a new club system from Maverick Ultimate

posted Feb 8, 2013, 6:42 AM by Unknown user
This season, Maverick Ultimate is excited to introduce The Academy, a new club system that will support player development and competitive Open Ultimate in the region.

We want to create an inclusive environment where ultimate players have the opportunities they need to be successful.  We plan on doing that by creating a new opportunity for the best prospects and talent in the region and have them practice and play alongside each other.  This will fast track player development and create a competitive and skilled ultimate environment.

The Academy is planning on entering as many tournaments as possible this summer.  Rosters for these tournaments will be fluid, allowing for players to earn their playing time and competitive roster spots based on skill, commitment and intensity.  Some tournaments will be designated as ‘Key’ tournaments, with spots on the ‘A’ team being reserved for players committed to the Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC) being held in Vancouver, BC.  The rosters for other tournaments will be drawn up to maximize the competition, growth, development, and overall awesomeness of The Academy.  For some of these tournaments, we will send split squads (with rosters of equal skill level).  For others, we will send an A and a B team, but spots on the A squad won’t be limited to CUC players.

In addition to team-level changes, The Academy will be improving their leadership structure. While the captains (Brendan Wylie-Toal and Andrew Higgins) will remain the primary leaders of the club, various leadership roles will be assigned to members of the club. This will create new leadership opportunities for the players that are interested in them, and will allow the captains to remain focused on the team’s goals. These roles will cover a wide range, from stats and finances to fitness and strategy.

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Q. I can’t attend nationals this summer.  Can I still try out for The Academy?
A. Yes you can!  The only limiting factor is that you won’t be asked to play for the ‘A’ team during a key tournament such as Regionals or No Borders.

Q. I can’t attend Tournament ‘X’ this summer.  Will that be a factor?
A. The Academy is planning a very extensive tournament list.  You will not be required or expected to attend every tournament throughout the summer.  We have designated some tournaments as ‘key tournaments’, where the A team will try and place as high as possible.  All A team players will be expected to attend these tournaments.  Talk to us if there is a conflict that might impede this beforehand and we can certainly come to a resolution.

Q. Which tournaments will The Academy attend in 2013?
A. We have drawn up a tentative tournament list but many tournaments are still finalizing dates.  Sign up here to receive updates from us as we get closer to the season.