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The Academy Ultimate is a Kitchener-Waterloo based open touring team, which pulls talent from all over south western Ontario. Maverick (A team) and Goose (B team) are looking to continue rebuilding from last season and are hoping to see more players come out to continue building individually and as a system.

We plan on continuing to practice once a week (Wednesday) where we hope to have a higher level of turnout to push one another even more. Using practices, pick up ultimate nights, and fitness and skill drills (outside of practice time), our aim is to utilize field time to develop a strong core of players. 

We are aiming to put together two Open teams out of the system for this year.  Teams will be working towards building unity, individual fundamentals. We will be looking to attend a tournament a month, with the goal of sending a squad to CUC 2017 in Ottawa, in August, and also to the USAU fall series in September. The goal for this year is to continue building fundamentals from the 2016 season and to build higher level ultimate in the KW area.

We are expecting players who are selected for both of the touring teams to uphold a level of commitment that will help support the team’s goals. Players are expected to be at practice on Wednesday evenings, if this is something that you cannot commit to please contact either of the captains to discuss your situation. As a team that has goals to develop players individually and as a unit, it is very important that we work together to support and push one another in practices.

Maverick Ultimate